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#40 Quezon St., Masbate City
CDA-Reg.#NG-4214 TIN: 287-331-309

In furtherance of and not in limitation to the powers and capacities conferred by Republic Act No. 9520, this Cooperative shall have the following powers and capacities:

(1) To the exclusive use of its registered name;

(2) To sue and be sued;

(3) To succession;

(4) To amend its articles of cooperation in accordance with the provisions of
Cooperative Code;

(5) To adopt by laws not contrary to law, morals or public policy, and to amend
and repeal the same in accordance with Cooperative Code;

(6) To purchase, receive, take or grant, hold, convey, sell, lease, pledge,
mortgage, and otherwise deal with such real and personal properly as the transaction of the lawful affairs of the cooperative may reasonably and necessarily require, subject to the limitations prescribed by law and the constitution;

(7) To enter into division, merger or consolidation, as provided in this code;

(8) To form subsidiary cooperatives and join federations or unions, as provided in
this Code;

(9) To avail of loans, be entitled to credit and to accept and received grants,
donations and assistance from foreign and domestic sources, subject to the conditions of said loans, credits, grants, donations or assistance that will not undermine the autonomy of the cooperative. The Authority, upon written request, shall provide necessary assistance in the documentary requirements for the loans, credit, grants, donations and other financial support;

(10) To avail of preferential rights granted to cooperatives under Republic Act
No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government code, and other laws;

(11) To exercise such other powers granted by this code or necessary to carry out
its purpose or purposes as stated in its articles of cooperation.
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