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#40 Quezon St., Masbate City
CDA-Reg.#NG-4214 TIN: 287-331-309

The School expects that every employee will be regular and punctual in attendance. This means being in the office, ready to work, at their starting time each day. Absenteeism and tardiness places a burden on other employees and on the School.

If you are unable to report for work for any reason, notify your supervisor before regular starting time. You are responsible for speaking directly with your supervisor about your absence. It is not acceptable to leave a message on a supervisor’s voice mail or e-mail, except in extreme emergencies. In the case of leaving a voice-mail message or e-mail, a follow-up call must be made later that day. The school phone number is

Should undue tardiness become apparent, disciplinary action may be required.

If there comes a time when you see that you will need to work some hours other than those that make up your usual work week, notify your supervisor at least seven working days in advance. Each request for special work hours will be considered separately, in light of the employee’s needs and the needs of the School. Such requests may or may not be granted.
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