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Petromin was formed in 1968 by a Royal decree, as a joint ventures of the General Organization of Petroleum and Minerals (Petromin). Since 2007, Petromin operates as a private company.The purpose of establishing the company was to provide Petromin branded lubricants to the Saudi market as strategic commodity that has become increasingly necessary and in-demand to the development of Saudi Arabia. Since Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producer and possesses the main ingredients for the manufacturing of this product, it was only a natural and necessary step to establish a company exclusively for the production of lubricants. The company started its production through its first blending plant in Jeddah.The first plant in Jeddah was designed to blend 70,000 M. tonnes; today the plant has doubled in size to blend 150,000 M. tonnes or 1 million bbls annually. The vast geographical spread of Saudi Arabia and the quick development of its infrastructure justified the building of another plant in Riyadh to cover the increasing market demand. Riyadh plant was completed in 1982 with a capacity of 150,000 M. tonnes. In 1995, the company decided to build its own drum manufacturing plant in Riyadh to cover its own requirement of over 200,000 metal drums annually and sell the same to the third party blenders. With prosperity experienced in the Kingdom, factories expansion and increased in demand for oil and lubricants products inside and outside the Kingdom, Petromin is currently re-building and expanding its Jeddah plant in Saudi Aramco industrial zone to produce 250,000 metric tons of lube oils annually and is setting new standards in the Region as the biggest blending and oil mobilization plant in the Middle East. The production of oil and lubricant in combination with the completely automated mixing and packaging system of the new factory will boost the company's productivity in the oil sector and push grease production to 25,000 tons per year. The new plant which is built on 55,000 square meters will produce all types of oil for the industrial & private sectors and is set to be completed in the first quarter of 2011.Within 42 years, since its inception, Petromin has continually expanded and grown in manufacturing capacity and product development. Striving always to remain on the forefront of technology, by keeping its products abreast with all original engine manufacturer (OEM) approvals and keeping up with American Petroleum Institute (API) and other worldwide entities' performance levels and specifications for their products. Today, Petromin produces over 150 different products, has more than 35% market share of lubricant demand in Saudi Arabia and exports to over 35 countries in the GCC, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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